🔎DragonSB Final Plan for The Hacking Incident🔎

SB Group
1 min readApr 19, 2022

✨Dear SB-ers,
📣Our team would like to inform you of our final plan for the smart contract attack issue:

1️⃣ At 3 P.M UTC on 19th April, the trading on PancakeSwap will be re-opened.
💸 We will double the liquidity compared to before the hack situation:
💰Liquidity before the incident: $560,000.00
💰Liquidity after re-opening: $1,120,000.00
💵 Price: $1.28/SB (same price as before the hack)
⏰Lock Time: 1 year

2️⃣ Token distribution:
👥 BSC holders: The token distribution 1:1 will occur 24 hours after liquidity adding completion.
👥 Terra holders: The team will add LP on Terra within 14 days. It will take time to calculate the Terraformer’s farmers compensation.
👥 Gate users: The team is working with Gate to find the best compensation option. We’ll update and announce to the community a detailed solution as soon as possible.

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