📢DragonSB Free-to-Earn Instruction📢

SB Group
1 min readMay 6, 2022

🔥With the heat of the SB Free-to-Earn event, we have received great interest from the community which is a strong motivation for our team.
🔎Let us guide you on how to join freely but earn real profits.

Step 1: Create an in-game user name
💠 Visit the website: http://dragonsb.finance and choose “Play Now” to download the game file
💠 Unzip, open the game, and create an account.
❗️For those who already have registered before, you can use your previous account.

Step 2: Link your Metamask Wallet to DragonSB NFT Marketplace at: https://nftmarket.dragonsb.finance/

Step 3: Fill our Whitelist Form at: https://forms.gle/k8gFccGhBPAyy2y17
⚠️Remember to use the user name in step 1 to fill in the Whitelist Form. Only accounts in whitelist can join the Free-to-Earn program.
⚠️Please note that we have a slight change in the whitelist form. To reduce the work for registers, we have shortened it so that old members don’t need to create new accounts. Therefore, those who have filled out the whitelist form, kindly register again. We really appreciate your cooperation.🥰

⏰Whitelist Deadline: 4 P.M UTC May 7th

✨And that’s it! You have completed all the requirements. Now let’s wait for the Whitelist Winners Announcement.🤩