DragonSB Smart Contract Attack — Solving Process

SB Group
4 min readApr 25, 2022


The past few days have been difficult for the DragonSB as well as the community who have always followed and supported the project. It’s unfortunate that our smart contract was hacked and this has negatively impacted our SB holders.

However, with the motto of always putting trust first, DragonSB will not let our community suffer unfairness. No matter what difficulties arise, the team will always be ready to face and solve the problem, bringing fairness to investors.

First of all, DragonSB team would like to sincerely apologize to the community for the inconvenience recently and hope that everyone always has an objective view of the matter and will not be affected by incorrect information from other sources spreading slanderous news. Please be aware and verify the truth yourself based on what our team is doing.

Secondly, we would love to show our appreciation to our partners and users for your patience, trust, support, and accompanying the project to overcome such difficulties. This is truly a strong motivation for us.

Now, DragonSB will share about the hacking incident.

Before the hack, the SB price was growing steadily, reaching a record of increasing over 100%, at $1.28/SB.

Unfortunately, at 7:57:59 UTC, our smart contract for SB token was attacked by a third party (which is now under investigation), leading to a huge drop in SB price. As soon as we realized the issue, all community admins immediately notified everyone and advised users to stop trading SB and made an official announcement as well as repeatedly reminding them to stop all transactions to avoid future unfortunate circumstances.

DragonSB core team also immediately had meetings with partners and advisors to come up with the most satisfactory solution. After hours of discussion, we have come to the most suitable answer to this problem.

What DragonSB has done to solve the incident:

  • Deploy new smart contract

✅Basic information:

💎Token: SB

💎Type: BEP-20 and CW-20

💎New SB smart contract address

©️ BSC: https://bscscan.com/address/0xb7258450681f4aad0ab24e336648d44a6696b30f

©️ Terra: https://finder.terra.money/mainnet/address/terra1948uvsah8aw40dhsa9mhl3htq8lraj0smlh77g

  • Warn to the community to stop trading
  • Announce the problem-solving process for each case

👥 BSC holders: The token distribution 1:1 was implemented within 24 hours after liquidity adding completion.

👥 Terra holders: The team will add LP on Terra within 14 days. It will take time to calculate the Terraformer’s farmers compensation.

👥 Gate users: The team has worked with Gate and sent tokens for Gate team to distribute to users.

  • Livestream to receive comments and answer questions from the community
  • Distribute new tokens to BSC holders

🔥For our BSC holders who have no difference in balance before and after the incident, our system has successfully sent 100% new tokens at 12 P.M UTC 20th April, corresponding to the number of tokens you’re holding.

💎Check our holder list again to know your exact compensation 👉 https://bit.ly/3vPDCyv

  • Open trading on PancakeSwap

At 2 P.M UTC on 19th April, the trading on PancakeSwap was be re-opened.

💸 We will double the liquidity compared to before the hack situation:

💰Liquidity before the incident: $560,000.00

💰Liquidity after re-opening: $1,120,000.00

💵 Price: $1.28/SB (same price as before the hack)

⏰Lock Time: 6 months

🔎Check at: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x55a400d6601a46a53da5a35ef8abedaa2294449d2809990f74aa1038c216ecd2

🔥Trading at: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955&outputCurrency=0xb7258450681f4aad0ab24e336648d44a6696b30f

  • Reopen Mini-Game

✨Our Mini-Game was officially reopened on 21st April and it will last for more than 7 days as a make up for our beloved gamers.

📌 End date: 17:00 UTC 2nd May

💸 Maximum earning per day: $20

👉 Join at: https://dragonsb.finance/

  • Reopen DragonSB staking pool

🎉All the amount of SB you staked before the hack keeps the original value with new tokens.

💎Our team has completed sending new SB tokens back to you in the pool, SB stakers.

  • Update new token information on CoinMarketCap

🤩All information about new tokens such as price, market cap, trading volume, chart, etc, are all fully updated on CoinMarketCap at: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dragonsb/

  • Transfer new tokens to Gate so that they can distribute to users

DragonSB team has sent 2,138,187.7 new SB tokens to Gate team and they are now in full charge of distributing tokens to Gate users with the exact number of tokens holders have before the hack.

Please check at: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xf55f2adb45b4f5bc8e25a3f251648878cef7cf7e77bdd72ac293b6e1df47b382

To receive your new $SB, please:

✅Contact Gate support via support@mail.gate.io

✅Provide the following information in the mail:

1. UID

2. Number of SB holding BEFORE and AFTER the hack

3. If you deposit SB on Gate after the hack, please provide the amount of tokens

4. Request Gate to implement token distribution

What DragonSB will do next:

  • Reopen Staking and Farming Pool on Terraformer
  • Distribute tokens to Terra users
  • List SB on top reputable exchanges
  • Keep support users to receive tokens

Once again, we want to thank you for your support and love for DragonSB. What we are doing is obviously the best proof for our trustworthiness. We hope that you all will keep placing your trust on us and accompany the project in our long-term development.