How to join DragonSB’s Pre-sale on StarTerra

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Basic information of DragonSB

DragonSB is the first Metaverse MMORPG built on Terra Protocol and Binance Smart Chain.
In this world, players control warrior dragons to engage in fierce battles, kill vicious beasts and earn SB and NFTs. Additionally, players can transfer in-game NFTs to out-game NFTs for trading. With the combination of NFT and DeFi, users can accumulate earnings while entertaining themselves!
Key features of DragonSB include:

Not every NFT game simultaneously integrate both Free-to-earn and Play-to-earn models

Free To Earn: Each player will get a free dragon as soon as logging in.

Play To Earn: DragonSB gives the community many opportunities to earn valuable SB tokens:

  • Perform in-game quests and win battles to earn NFT and SB as rewards.
  • Participate in events such as Airdrop, Minigames, …
  • Staking and Farming SB tokens on SBSwap to earn passive income
  • Sell ​​NFTs such as dragons, eggs, gems, etc., on NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Players can transfer items such as dragons, eggs, gems, skill books, etc., to NFTs for trading to earn direct income.

The in-game inflation reduction mechanism

DragonSB has built a tight inflation reduction mechanism, the supply of SB is limited and will become increasingly scarce due to the “Token Burning Mechanism”. Burn: DragonSB’s team will use over 70% of revenue to buy back SB tokens and burn them to increase the value of the token.

How to join DragonSB’s Pre-sale on StarTerra?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Buy STT if you still don’t have them!

Step 3. Go to the Staking section and stake your tokens.
You can use LP Staking or Single Asset Staking. To join recruits you need to have a minimum of 250 STE which means that you need 250 STT staked in Single Asset Staking, or 200 LP tokens staked. The more tokens you have, the higher are your chances to win a lottery! Every 250STE more means 1 more lottery ticket.

If you’d like to belong to Faction Tier, where you have guaranteed allocation + lottery based, stake minimum 3000 STT in Single Asset Staking or 2400 LP to gain min 3000 StarTerra Energy points. To join Squadrons, you need 500 STE — here your allocation is guaranteed+ lottery based, but you have to be quick — it’s FCFS.

You can choose the faction which you like most. At the very beginning of the IDO we don’t know which faction wins = where you’ll have the highest probability to win as a Faction member.

In the My Account section, the exact amount of your STE is displayed and it depends on the number of tokens you’ve staked.

Step 4. IDO . Go back to Home section, scroll down do Live Sales and click on Participate button next to Proteus Finance which will be displayed in the same place like in DragonSB right now.

Click Participate again

Now you can choose your tier — if you have enough STE to join a faction, you’ll be displayed in the Faction View and can join Factions only.

In case of having less funds required to join Faction, you’ll see a board with Squadrons and Recruits. Squadrons will be available during Proteus Finance IDO as well (it’s mode that is not always on)

In you choose Squads you’ll be navigated to view below — here just choose your Squad (FCFS)

Your handy checklist will show you where exactly you are in the process and that is yet to be done.

Of course you have to prefund your allocation — as StarTerra is gamified, we set only minimum which you have to prefund to join IDO . Note that if your faction wins you’ll be given higher amount od IDO tokens — if you don’t prefund enough, you won’t be able to receive them.

This way we have the next point on our checklist green. Please make them green! And remember to click on the final PARTICIPATE at the bottom of the website.

After following the above steps, you have finished the requirements. DragonSB wishes you good luck and hope to have you in our community, our team in the near future.



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